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Essential Tools For Construction Contractors

Essential Tools For Construction Contractors

The tools that do-it-yourself enthusiasts utilize at home and the tools that professional builders make use of on construction sites are essentially the same tools but are made with a different user in mind. Generally, tools designed for pros are designed for consistent use, precision, and mobility. Because they are designed in a way that they last longer, pro tools are often more expensive but do outlast and outperform the cheaper versions. Such professional-grade tools are usually more portable as well, with cordless features, clips, and many other mechanisms that allow you to keep these tools ready for use anytime.

Utility knife

A heavy-duty utility knife is a multipurpose knife in a professional’s tool bag. If you purchase a knife with a strong body, the blades can be endlessly replaceable and the knife will last you through many jobs. A good one can cut drywall, roofing shingles, sheet plastic, linoleum, rope, wallpaper etc. Keeping one on hand is bound to save you time while you work and you’ll also work safer than you would with a pocket knife.

Spirit level

Straight lines are very important for any construction project involving used earthmoving equipment. It serves many purposes and can be applied to measure a wall, door, window, or even an entire frame. A spirit level uses gravity to measure whether something is level to enable you achieve a perfectly level line. The levels have a vial of liquid with air bubble inside which runs parallel to body of the tool. In case the tool is level with the earth, the bubble ends up exactly in the middle of the vial, marked with a line. If the surface is slanted in one direction, the bubble floats to the higher side accordingly.

Tape measure

Whether you are engaging in general construction work, framing, or finer work like finish carpentry, tape measure is an essential measuring tool to tackle big or small projects. You should make sure to select the best tape measure appropriate to the type of work you do most frequently. As you’ll be using it constantly, make sure to choose a tape measure with an attachment to easily clip it to your toolbelt.  

Caulk gun

Silicone caulking and many other types of caulks or adhesives prevent water infiltration which is essential in construction. You need at least one caulking gun which has a high compression ratio and can move thick product at a steady rate. A caulking gun helps you apply the products that seal out water properly. Water damage is a very serious problem which can be very dangerous, expensive to fix and very labor intensive so it’s better to do the job right in the first place with a good caulking gun.


Wrench sets may not be a tool bag necessity if you’re working with wood, but every builder should have some multipurpose wrenches handy to drive level used construction equipment, make adjustments to fixtures etc. Generally, the longer the wrench handle is, the greater the leverage. Accordingly, the more snug the wrench head tends to be on the nut, the better the grip you’ll have—which is especially useful for loosening difficult nuts. 


A hammer is a very versatile tools to have in your toolbox. It can be used for driving and pulling nails, prying boards apart etc. If you want to hang a picture frame or build a deck, a hammer is an essential tool. While using a hammer, be sure to wear safety goggles in order to protect your eyes from flying debris. However, it is important to be careful while using this and any other tool to avoid any injury.


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