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Google AdSense High CPC Keywords List 2023

As an online advertiser or publisher, understanding the concept of Cost Per Click (CPC) and optimizing for high CPC keywords is essential to maximize revenue. CPC is the amount of money that advertisers pay for each click on their ads. Therefore, if you can find high CPC keywords that are relevant to your content, you can increase your earnings.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the list of high CPC keywords and how they can be used to benefit your advertising or publishing efforts.

What are high CPC keywords?

High CPC keywords are those that have a higher Cost Per Click (CPC) value compared to others. The cost of each click is determined by the competition for the keyword, its search volume, and other factors. Generally, keywords that are associated with high-value products or services tend to have a higher CPC.

List of high CPC keywords

The following is a list of some of the highest CPC keywords, according to various sources. It's important to note that these values are not fixed and can vary depending on the time of year, competition, and other factors.

  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim

These keywords are associated with high-value products and services that require significant investments, such as insurance policies, legal services, or educational degrees. Advertisers in these fields often have higher budgets, which leads to more competition and a higher CPC.

CPC by industry

To further illustrate the differences in CPC by industry, we've put together a table that shows the average CPC values for different fields. These values are based on data from Google Ads.

  1. Legal - Average CPC: $6.75
  2. Finance - Average CPC: $3.77
  3. Technology - Average CPC: $1.62
  4. Healthcare - Average CPC: $2.93
  5. Real Estate - Average CPC: $2.37
  6. Education - Average CPC: $2.40
  7. Travel - Average CPC: $0.63
  8. Retail - Average CPC: $0.88

As you can see, the legal and finance industries tend to have the highest average CPCs, while travel and retail have the lowest. This can be explained by the fact that legal and financial services tend to have a high value, while travel and retail products have lower margins.

Using high CPC keywords

If you're an advertiser, using high CPC keywords can be an effective way to increase your ad revenue. By focusing on high-value products and services, you can target audiences that are more likely to convert and generate more revenue.

If you're a publisher, targeting high CPC keywords can also be beneficial, as advertisers are willing to pay more to advertise on pages that contain these keywords. However, it's important to ensure that the content is relevant and useful to the user to avoid damaging your website's reputation.

Long Tail Keywords with Low KD and High CPC

  1. "Best car insurance for young drivers" - CPC: $55.97
  2. "Personal injury lawyer in [city]" - CPC: $45.59
  3. "How to refinance student loans" - CPC: $30.43
  4. "Cheapest online master's degree programs" - CPC: $23.55
  5. "Low interest rate credit cards for fair credit" - CPC: $19.88
  6. "Free website hosting for small business" - CPC: $19.14
  7. "Donate car to charity tax deduction" - CPC: $18.61
  8. "Best home insurance companies for high-risk areas" - CPC: $16.76
  9. "Cheap flights to [destination]" - CPC: $15.87
  10. "Best pet insurance for older dogs" - CPC: $15.12

These long-tail keywords are more specific and targeted, and therefore may have less competition and a higher CPC. By targeting these specific keywords in your advertising or publishing efforts, you can reach a more engaged audience who are more likely to convert, which can lead to higher revenue. However, it's important to ensure that the content is relevant and useful to the user to avoid damaging your website's reputation.

Some other super high CPC keywords are:

accident lawyer near me reviews - Average CPC: 495$

youtub studio - Average CPC: 402$

youtube studio - Average CPC: 401$

youtube studio home - Average CPC: 400$

deen center - Average CPC: 391$

LinkedIn ad specs - Average CPC: 316$

news hub media - Average CPC: 274$

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