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Top 10 Lead Tracking WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website

Top 10 Lead Tracking WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website

Top 10 Lead Tracking WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website

We all know that lead generation is essential for the survival of a brand in the web-based business. The more leads they generate, the more revenue they earn. Digital marketing professionals take numerous steps to generate leads and sales. Some marketing activities produce amazing results, while others meet the complete fiasco. So, it is important for you to use the properly established lead tracking system to know what really works and what does not.

WordPress website owners are quite lucky in this regard. WordPress offers a number of plugins for tracking the effectiveness of lead generation activities. So, have a look at some of them listed here below:

1. WordPress Leads

This plugin acts as your pal when you make efforts to gather intelligence about customers and their activities on your website. This plugin was originally created to be used for the site’s landing pages. But now it is used extensively for lead tracking. It allows you to view traffic, comments submitted by visitors, orders, the sale of premium products, etc.

It automatically captures visitors’ data from the contact form and gives you valuable insights about website visitors. It helps you to make possible changes in business marketing campaigns and boost the ROI by leaps and bounds. This plugin can easily get integrated with third-party CRM. So, its careful use gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors in the game of lead generation campaigns.

2. Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics acts like a virtual spy and tracks visitors on your website 24*7. It gives you real-time reports about traffic source, visitor’s activities on your site, pages visited by them, and purchased products. The proper use of this plugin allows you to convert site visitors into loyal leads and boost the overall ROI in a short time span. You can also add tracking code from Lead Forensics to your WordPress e-commerce website for better supervision of lead generation activities.

3. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

It’s a complete business marketing tool for all WordPress website owners with the lead tracking feature. With its assistance, one can keep a close eye of website visitors, collect and accumulate all contacts inside HubSpot’s free CRM, increase the subscriber base, and Of Course, generate leads and sales conveniently.

The plugin comes with several lead capture tools, such as an integrated free contact database (CRM), live chat, forms, and popups. It automatically captures data from the contact form and adds them to the integrated WordPress CRM, which helps you in data segmentation, personalized Email Marketing, and other activities aimed at promoting a brand on the web.

4. Jumplead Marketing Software

Jumplead Marketing software facilitates business marketing automation and automatic tracking of potential leads (customers). After successful installation on a WordPress website, it tracks almost all activities of visitors on the site and gives valuable information to its owner. The plugin contains email marketing with an onboard CRM and contact level analytics, which gives you real-time reports about the performance of your website and suggests important ways to generate more leads and sales.

5. LeadSquared Suite

LeadSquared is an outstanding plugin, frequented lauded by WordPress Plugin developers all over the world. It acts as a website tracking software and installs a script for all pages of your site. It automatically tracks visitor’s activities on your website and keeps you informed about this with error-free reports on different KPIs. You can also use the forms created in LeadSquared on your site to capture leads quickly.

6. Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce facilitates integration between WordPress and Salesforce CRM account! Use the contact form on your site to collect real-time data about website visitors into Salesforce CRM. You can insert a shortcode to the form or other pages of your website to track visitor’s activities 24*7.

The collected data about customers gives a better insight into what is working and what’s not. Based on the output, you can make substantial changes in lead generation campaigns and ensure the creation of sufficient leads every day to maintain a dominant position in the business world.

7. Before and After

As a matter of fact, Before & After is an excellent lead capture plugin, which increases the lead generation capabilities of business marketing individuals up to a great extent. After successful installation and activation, the plugin automatically tracks visitors and let you know about the action completed by them. It works perfectly with other plugins that use shortcodes. With the help of this plugin, you can easily protect downloads, site content, and display the copyright notice to visitors.

8. Inbound Rocket

The developers of Inbound Rocket claim that it has everything that is required for the success of lead generation activities. Just install and activate this plugin on your website to experience its effect. It automatically tracks all visitors on your website and lets you know all lead generation activities with instant alerts and real-time analytics. It facilitates smooth interaction between you and customers and helps in lead generation. You can interact with customers through automated Email marketing & other means of communication to create more leads and sales.

9. GatorLeads

GatorLeads can be a reason between a successful lead generation campaign and a failed business marketing initiative. It acts as an effective B2B lead generation tool that helps in lead generation campaigns. After installation and activation, it starts informing you about your site’s performance on different KIPs. You can easily integrate it with third-party CRM applications for automatic data capturing, segmentation and Email Marketing. The careful and well-planned use of this CRM automates lead tracking and business marketing activities. This helps to generate more leads and sales every day.

10. Zoho CRM Lead Magnet

Zoho CRM Lead Magnet can easily be integrated with any type of WordPress website to automate the process of lead tracking and generation. With this plugin, you can create attractive web forms and embed them to your website. It helps you to track the activities of visitors on your website and convert them into premium leads. You can customize the plugin settings as per your needs and embed the shortcodes in the form.

Final Words

The active supervision and monitoring of lead generation activities are mandatory if you really want to know what helps you in lead generation activities while promoting WordPress based websites. You can choose an outstanding lead tracking to supervise business marketing activities and ensure the creating enough leads every day. Best of Luck!

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